No more sacrificing or choosing one area of life over another, it's time to put it all together and LIVE.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

I need to lose the weight FIRST

I need to get my business up and running FIRST

I need to make more money FIRST I need to get my marriage back on track FIRST

I need to get my confidence up FIRST


When you choose one thing it means you’re putting everything else on the back burner.

If you choose the health & fitness stuff first, then your business goals & marriage take a bit of a back seat.

If you choose your business growth first, then your fitness & marriage take a back seat for a bit.



You didn’t have to choose one area of your life or the other?

You didn’t have to hire FIVE different coaches/mentors at different times all throughout the year?

You had one steady plan knowing EVERYTHING was going to be taken care of?

You had one mentor that could get to know every area of your life so that it’s easier to identify all the overlapping patterns and you don’t have to repeat the same stories to five different people?

What if you COULD have it all?


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Lose the weight you’ve been struggling & yo-yoing with for the past 3 years.

Get easy healthy eating habits started that you will actually stick with and, more importantly, ENJOY.

Dive into the step steps with your business & receive greater clarity on the direction you’re going in and know how to up level it without sacrificing your free time (and sanity)

Develop your mindset even more to attract the opportunities & clients of your dream.

Deepen your wealth consciousness levels to create even more money.

Get your marriage back into levels of passion that you had when you were dating & receive support form your spouse over your new ventures.

Discover your self-confidence and speak proudly about who you are, what you’re doing & what you’re meant for in this world.


  • Fitness & Health Coaching (upping the energy, dropping the weight, & get your body confidence soaring)
  • Business Coaching (get clear on what you offer, who you serve, how to make it all work together & create the impact you desire to make in this world)
  • Mindset Coaching (it AAAAALLLLLL comes down to mindset, we'll be spending the majority of our time getting rid of beliefs that aren't serving you and replacing them with ones that do)
  • Relationship Coaching (we all want that dream relationship, it's time you have yours! Love, passion, support, intimacy and great sex. )
  • Confidence Coaching (If you're not feelin' it, every one around you responds to that. It's time for you to FEEL confident & grounded in the woman you are.)

TRULY, The FULL LIFE package

See, your life includes #allthethings and they all play off of each other.

When your marriage isn’t so hot, your business feels it.

When you’re business isn’t doing so great, your mindset falters.

When your health & fitness are in the slumps, your marriage takes a hit.


If they all play together to create the magnificent, amazing package that is YOU, why are you trying to pick and choose which area to focus on first?


I know I know, but how, Kelly, am I going to have time for all of that?? How can I possibly focus on #allthethings if right now I feel like I can’t even handle what I’ve got going on right now?


I’ve developed a custom method (I call it a “method to the madness” aka the CIA Method) that will keep you OUT of overwhelm. It helps you be super productive with ONLY the significant tasks actually necessary (and getting rid of all the rest, yet everything still gets done. I’ll explain this in the first 2 weeks we’re together. #itsmagical )

This method also helps you stay ALIGNED with what you’re doing in your life.

No more pushing against yourself, convincing yourself everything’s fine while you spin under the surface, no more wondering if you’re doing the right things, instead feel confidence & clear in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.


As my good friend said: It creates a powerful streamline effect! It completely up levels the enjoyment in your life because you aren’t constantly searching for shit, you are instead completely living your life! Saves time and allows you to grow exponentially. ~ Tine F.

To which I replied EXACTLY!!!!

That’s exactly it.

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Why work with me?

I was a health & fitness coach, personal trainer & group exercise instructor for 3 years. I competed in a Body Building Physique Level Competition. I’ve lost the baby weight (TWICE). Ran a half marathon. And I rock a bikini all year long. Plus, I have a published cookbook (which you’ll be getting as a bonus gift) AND a meal plan that has been proven to help you de-fluff by 3-5 pounds whenever you need that extra boost. (which again, you’ll be getting as a bonus gift)


I have been an entrepreneur since 2011 and over the span of my career I have worked with & been coached/mentored by:

  • Sean Smith (NLP)
  • Chalene Johnson (Smart Success, Marketing Impact Academy, Courageous Confidence & pretty much everything she put out in a 2 year time span)
  • Lewis Howes (webinars)
  • Brendon Burchard (mindset)
  • Natalie Jill Fitness (fitness & business)
  • Julia Ladewski (body building prep)
  • Elite FTS (weight training & nutrition)
  • Courtney Good (Funnels & Marketing)
  • Chandra Nicole (Universal Wealth Mindset)


I completed the Divine Living Business & Coaching Certification program in 2016 and have been working with Gina DeVee since 2015.

I’ve taken my marriage from the brink of divorce/roommate status to be the most incredibly supportive, encouraging and passionate marriage I could imagine and beyond.

Mindset & Wealth Consciousness….. #hottopic. I’ve been working on myself, diving deep within and seen a complete transformation into the woman that I am now. I feel incredibly confident in my own skin, own and LOVE every part of me (even the dark stuff) and I know how to speak my truth unapologetically but with great love & compassion. Not to mention the clients I’ve been working with specifically in this area over the past year.

Confidence comes from understanding oneself and choosing to EMBRACE YOUR TRUTH. I’ve done the work to go from insecure, social awkward and super shy to the woman that speaks confidently on stages world wide and is grounded in who she is. inside & out. We all know confidence is important but developing it is something that can’t be faked. You have to dive under the surface of the beliefs the you have and find your truth.

I talk the talk and walk the walk. And most importantly, I walk WITH you; Customizing the support, directions, plans & approach to make sure that you are getting the results that you want. ALL of the results.


Because it’s the end of 2017 and if you look back at this year THERE ARE REGRETS. (I can say this and not feel bad about pointing it out to you because I, too, have regrets)

Because you keep telling yourself, “someday life will be where I want it to be.” “I’ll start on that goal again in January. It’s alright. I’ll be fine during the holidays.” (oh man…. when a woman says “I’m fine.” <imagine me shaking my head with that knowing look on my face>

Because you keep saying SOMEDAY Because you’ve been hoping from program to program, coach to coach, book to book for years and you still feel like there’s areas of your life that are lagging behind.


Not part of life Not life without the marriage you want

Not life without the confidence you want

Not life without the business you love

Not life without the body you want.



What’s this look like structurally?

  • 10 months of coaching (weekly private coaching calls)
  • private fb community
  • 2 group mastermind coaching calls per month
  • unlimited email/fb messenger access to me for daily coaching/support/accountability/guidance


  • LIVE Mastermind event in MAUI, HAWAII in November 2018 ($3000 value)
  • LIVE STREAMING workouts to participate in (recorded too, in case our time zones don't match) suitable for all fitness levels
  • Smart Start Meal Plan & Cookbook ($20 value)
  • Starter Kit For Your Online Empire Course - go from zero to first paying client with ease ($1000 value)
  • Access to the Break Up With Normal/Trusting Self group program content ($2000 value)
  • PLUS!! You'll be receiving the very first of my new line of Coffee Mugs with kickass sayings/phrases on them for a daily boost of caffeine and inspiration



$1997 deposit + $997/month for 10 months 

$9,997 pay-in-full discount

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You’ve been going through this re-awakening after being dormant under “life” over the past 3+ years. It’s a GREAT feeling to finally starting seeing yourself & your life as something you can create!

BUT it’s also a little overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and slower paced when we try to “figure it all out” on our own.


I spent 5 years in The Waiting Place, convinced that my life was “normal” and the way I was feeling (frustrated, unsatisfied, confused & slightly lost as to what I was supposed to be doing) was what every else must have been feeling too.


I spent a solid 2 years in the “reawakening” phase feeling even more lost and confused, and also feeling like there was SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO - so many programs, free webinars, free tools, Facebook groups to be in, mentors to learn from because I feel like my feet hit the ground instead of floating off into orbit.


AND THEN I GOT THE HELP I NEEDED from a mentor that helped me put all the pieces together and it was like I was awake AND I could see clearly who I was and what direction I needed to go in.


THIS is your time. It’s time for you to have the FULL LIFE you desire.

Chat with Kelly

Your FULL life is waiting for you.

Kelly Grignon
Kelly Grignon
Life Coach

About the instructor

Speaker, Coach, Trainer * Mom of 2 

Life, mindset, money, sex, relationships, love, fitness, health... I've coached some really amazing people on #allthethings but here's the foundation of all of it:  YOUR TRUTH.    

That's what it always comes down to; YOU deserve to discover, understand and embrace your truth. 

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It is ABOUT DAMN TIME that you got out of the overwhelm & struggle and starting LIVING YOUR FULL LIFE with the health, fitness, business, marriage & confidence that you are meant for!  


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