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No more sacrificing.  No more choosing.  Create complete balance so you can truly, fully LIVE and BE UNBREAKABLE.

Tools, support, and how to's to get out of overwhelm, drop the mom guilt, and live life as a mom + entrepreneur.

The problems that you often run into as a mom entrepreneur....

Getting distracted by mom/house/wife things when trying to get work done.

Struggling with school schedules, after school activities, getting EVERYTHING done at the house AND trying to have time to get work done.

Getting distracted by work stuff when you're trying to do mom/wife things.  Slow, tiny progress when what we desire is big, quick results.

Not taking time for yourself for things you like to do (exercise, date nights, hair cuts/salon treatments, girl time etc) because it feels like there's not enough time in the day.

Marriage takes a backseat and the tension between you two grows because neither one of you is fulfilled.

Overwhelm ensues and the mom guilt kicks your ass.  So you struggle, push, stress, force, are exhausted... hitting burnout.

What is an UNBREAKABLE woman?

She KNOWS in her heart and soul that she is meant for more, to be an entrepreneur AND mom.  Her commitment, focus, passion, and determination cannot be broken.  

She WILL find a way to make it work.

Her love is fierce.

Her passion ignites a fire deep from within.

Her dreams are anchored by making a difference in this world, and in serving others.

She is sexy, powerful, and intuitive.

She has an inner rebel that gives her an edge.  She desires to be an influencer for her children, clients, and community.

An unbreakable woman is willing to do her part, to do the work, and to receive all the abundance she desires with ease and grace.  

She shows up every day, giving her all because that's just who she is.  She cares, she's kind, compassionate, and she's loyal.

Life has thrown her many curveballs, knocked her on her ass a few times too many... yet she gets back up again, and again, and again.  She refuses to be kept down.

Her true SPIRIT can't be broken.


You didn’t have to choose one area of your life or the other?

You could create a successful business that fit into your life, instead of fitting life into your business schedule?

You could spend amazing, quality time with your kids AND husband on a regular basis?

You could drop the mom guilt for good?

You could learn how to balance it all so you could live life as a mom AND an entrepreneur?

What if you COULD have it all?


Be mom, wife AND business owner, living a life you LOVE.

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Lose the overwhelm (the kind of overwhelm that causes extra weight to stick around, irritability, frustration...)

Get rid of the mom guilt  

Dive into your business and receive greater clarity on the direction you’re going in and know how to up level it without sacrificing your free time (and sanity)

Develop a badass mindset to attract the opportunities and clients of your dreams.

Deepen your levels of wealth consciousness to create even more money.

Get your marriage back to high vibe and the intense passion that you had when you were dating. Receive support from your spouse concerning your new ventures.

Discover your self-confidence and speak proudly about who you are, what you’re doing and what you’re meant for in this world.

TRULY, The FULL LIFE package

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But HOW can you balance it all?

Is it even possible to find some type of work-life balance?

Is there such a thing as a woman that loves her business, is there for her kids, has a passion-filled marriage, and has time for the things she enjoys?

Yes.  That's me.

I wasn't always this way.  In 2015 I was EXACTLY where you are now.  Frustrated that my business felt like it was draining me more than filling me up.  

Not making the money I wanted to.  Not enjoying the work I was doing.  Irritable more often than I wanted to be, and forget about taking time to do things for myself.  

I really felt like I was The Mad Hatter (you know from Alice in Wonderland) running around all over the place, constantly on my phone, always feeling guilty for not spending more time with my kids.

But I KNEW. I just KNEW that some day it was going to pay off.  I convinced myself again and again that I was putting all the hours into my business because if was FOR MY KIDS AND HUSBAND.  

Until my daughter came home with a drawing from school... the one with the fill in the blanks on the side. This particular one still stings to this day; "My moms favorite thing to do.... work."

My heart broke.

I WAS spending WAY too much time on my laptop and my phone.  But I wanted my business to be successful.  I wanted to make the money that would change my kids lives.  I wanted a business of my own for all the reasons that everyone talks about :

Be my own boss, create my own schedule, create unlimited income and freedom.  Something HAD to give.  I either had to give up my business until the kids were way older or I had to find another way of doing things. 

I chose to find another way.

It's time to learn HOW create a work-life balance that lets you do all the things you want to do and still have time left over.

Its time to get the support you need to help tap into your gifts and soul purpose.

No more pushing against yourself, convincing yourself everything’s fine while you spin under the surface, no more wondering if you’re doing the right things, instead feel confidence & clear in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.

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Truly being fulfilled by your business.  Working in your soul purpose.  Having a connected and passion-filled marriage.  Being an amazing mom to your kids.  Feeling lit up (really damn excited) and confident when you talk about what you do and how you bring your message into the world.  Take HUGE steps forward in your life.

AAAALLLLL of that is EXACTLY what this program is about.

For a long time I kept thinking I could find a better way on my own.  I signed up for a shit ton of free trainings, watched you tube videos, and I lost count of how many webinars were open in tabs on my browser at once.  I was determined for sure, but I was making it SO much harder on myself than it needed to be.

When I finally broke down and decided to put my inner control freak and stubbornness on the sideline for a hot second.  I got the help I needed because I hired a coach.  A mentor helped me put all the pieces together.  

It was like I was AWAKE and I could see CLEARLY who I was and what direction I needed to go in to find my way out of the rabbit hole. 

From that moment forward..... life changed.

I found MY balance.  I do what I LOVE.  I play with my kids more than ever.  I'm ridiculously proud of but I'm stupid scared of sharing with you, but here goes nothin; I was a yelling parent.  I was irritated and it made my patience run real thin.

I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about how different our household is now.

Instead of yelling there is laughter.  It's jokes.  It's LOVE.  My husband and I?  Damn do I love our relationship and how it's grown to such a deeper level over the years.  I've never felt more supported, encouraged or loved before.

None of this is to brag, simply to show you what's possible.

Time. Love. Health. Money. Marriage. Parenting. Business. Passion. Swagger. Self Love. Abundance. Excitement.  Fun. Laughter. Travel. Date nights. Confidence. 



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What’s this look like structurally?

  • 8 months group coaching
  • Bi-weekly training calls
  • Bi-weekly live Q & A sessions (opposite weeks as training calls)
  • Weekly journaling prompts and action steps to take
  • Private fb group community


  • Ticket to the LIVE workshop in Dublin, Ireland on June 16 ($1200 value)
  • Recording of the Dublin workshop will be available to you


  • Purpose Party 5 part training series
  • Tap Into Your Intuition training


8 monthly payments of $1444

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You’ve been going through this re-awakening after being dormant under “life” over the past 3+ years. It’s a GREAT feeling to finally starting seeing yourself & your life as something you can create!

BUT it’s also a little overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and slower paced when we try to “figure it all out” on your own.

I spent 5 years in The Waiting Place, convinced that my life was “normal” and the way I was feeling (frustrated, unsatisfied, confused & slightly lost as to what I was supposed to be doing) was what every else must have been feeling too.

I spent a solid 2 years in the “reawakening” phase feeling even more lost and confused, and also feeling like there was SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO - so many programs, free webinars, free tools, Facebook groups to be in, mentors to learn from because I feel like my feet hit the ground instead of floating off into orbit.

THIS is your time. It’s time for you to have the FULL LIFE you desire.

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Your FULL life is waiting for you.

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Kelly Grignon
Kelly Grignon
Life Coach

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Speaker, Coach, Trainer * Mom of 2 

Life, mindset, money, sex, relationships, love, fitness, health... I've coached some really amazing people on #allthethings but here's the foundation of all of it:  YOUR TRUTH.    

That's what it always comes down to; YOU deserve to discover, understand and embrace your truth. 

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