Money Breakthroughs

2 part video series: When doubts & self sabotage get in the way (intermediate work)


Sex & Money

3 Part Video Series: Expansion, Pleasure & Quantum Leaps (advanced work)


Confidence Level: Mama's Got Swagger

3 Part Workshop :: Understanding & Stepping into Your Authentic Confidence so you can show up, speak up & be yourself in all situations.


Strengthening Your Intuitive Guidance

4 part training :: The who what where when and how of all things intuition so that you can strengthen your internal guidance to make faster decisions, create results quicker & start enjoying your life on a daily basis.


Shift into Abundance

6 week course :: Shift your perspective to a new vantage point & clear the energetic blocks standing in your way of ABUNDANCE.


Smart Business Woman

Step by step guide and video trainings to get a grip on your finances NOW and start making progress towards your financial freedom