You strive for better, for peak performance, every time you step on the field or in the office. Hell, probably every time you wake up in the morning. You KNOW you can always be and do better. 

But there’s strings you’re constantly pulling against and a ball and chain you're dragging every where with you. You can’t put your finger on exactly what it is but you know it’s there. 

You know you’re meant for even more and you want to see it, feel it, have it NOW.

  • What if you could remove the strings & chains?
  • What if you could move freely throughout your life?
  • What level would you be able to reach?
  • How amazing would you play at game time?
  • How many goals would you crush in your business?
  • How much better would your relationships be?
  • How much more self confidence would you have?

How much more would you create and express on a regular basis?

No more holding back in ANY area

No more going step-by-step according to what everyone else says

Those strings?
Everyone else’s rules, regulations, conditions & expectations of you that you may or may not be aware of in your life.

The ball & chain?
The emotional baggage from your childhood; shame, guilt, embarrassment, rage, resentment, fear. It’s all the stuff you buried deep and pushed aside or even used as fuel to strive for more and more.

Cut the strings.
Unlock the ball & chain.

Step into untapped freedom as YOU.
Unlock ALL of your potential.

True PEAK performance, creation & expression.

THIS is what we open up for you in The Spiral. 


The Spiral is a powerful process for clearing the emotional baggage and conditioning that stops us from expressing our true authentic selves.

The process combines elements and learnings from Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, the Chakra System and The Scale of Consciousness.

Emotional clearing is a tool for finding emotions that are stored in the body and releasing them, whereas The Spiral is a journey that utilises clearing to unlock the emotional blocks for each 7 levels of the chakra system. Once we do that, you are able to step into a whole new level of empowerment around each level. The Spiral functions as a ladder from low levels of consciousness and low vibrational energies to higher levels of consciousness and a higher vibration.

As you start to shed the baggage (that you may have held onto for years), you begin to move through the world in a lighter and easier way. 

Without your stories dictating what you can and cannot do, there is less resistance and self-sabotage. It becomes easier to live in the present moment, let go of the past, and step into your true authentic self.

You may have tried to create change in the past by changing your thinking (with coaching, affirmations, visualisations, etc) with little or no success. Unlike other processes that focus on removing blocks on a mental level, The Spiral goes into the body’s energy field and releases emotional blocks that are held in the body. As you free up your emotional body, you in turn free up your ability to start living the life you want.

The Spiral is for anyone who feels they have unconscious conditioning or baggage holding them back that they haven’t yet been able to get rid of. Whether struggling in life, or super successful, this work has helped people from all walks of life step into a more empowered and authentic version of themselves.

Let go of the 
negative blueprints from your childhood and start consciously creating the life you want.

Level 1: Deserving

Level 2: Creativity

Level 3: Power

Level 4: Openess

Level 5: Expression

Level 6: Vision

Level 7: Purpose

There are 3-4 emotions that we will root clear for each level. 

Your 8th and final week is an integration call to be sure everything is cleared and integrating completely for you. 

The Spiral Program

8 weeks


Payment Plans by Request

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Who is this for?

  • Athletes from high school to pro-level looking to improve their performance even more
  • Professionals that are already established and looking to quantum leap to their next level of success or clarity on the next venture/avenue of growth
  • Anyone looking to get out of the traditional "hustle & grind" life model that's burning them out (maybe even causing health or relationship problems)
  • Entrepreneurs that are struggling to find their own space, unique message, and stabilize their success so they can start growing & expanding more consistently
  • Everyone that's feeling the "there has to be more to life than this but how do I figure out what's next?"

What about the team as a whole?**

It’s not just you that you rely upon for games to be won or performance to be on point.

What if every one of you unlocked yourselves and got out of your own way?

The entire culture would change.
The entire team/franchise/business would step into peak performance

What would be possible THEN???

Maybe you’ve had a losing streak
Maybe you’ve had tension among players or staff
Maybe you haven’t been able to find the right team members

Maybe you just want to increase performance & success because that's the point of being in the game in the first place.

If we cut the strings and unlock the ball & chain around everyone, it ALL shifts to produce peak performance levels in EVERY area.

*Better communication
*Creativity on point
*Expression clear and confident
*Culture change from stressed/strained/tense/losing to lighter/connected/winning 

... and so much more

** If you're a whole team or a franchise please CONTACT ME to inquire about packaging and set up.

What about participants that are under 18 years of age?

Parental permission is required for underage participants. 

However, it is decided case by case between Kelly, the client and the parent/guardian if the video sessions will be private or with a parent/guardian present.

Personal Transparency Note: the 16-20 age gap would be POWERFUL to work in. Just imagine what sport/college performance and their life experience would be like if the baggage of being a teenager was removed?? 

Peak performance for a high achiever requires COMPLETE support.  You probably have the physical taken care of with personal trainers & chiropractors, this adds the energetic, emotional & mental support you need to complete the picture. 

Kelly Grignon
Kelly Grignon
Life Coach

About the instructor

Coach * Speaker * Teacher * Trainer * Wife * Mom of 2 

Life, mindset, money, sex, relationships, love, fitness, health... I've coached some really amazing people on #allthethings but here's the foundation of all of it:  YOUR TRUTH.    

That's what it always comes down to; YOU deserve to discover, understand and embrace your truth.