What do you believe about money?

Money = hard to get and there is never enough

Money = You have to work hard for it, doesn’t grow on trees, another day another dollar.

Money = You want something get a job and pay for it

Trading hours for dollars

Struggle for it now, enjoy retirement later

Having money is for "those" people, not you. 

You're not allowed to have a lot of money

You're bad with money & don't know how to handle it. 

You can't be trusted with it. 

Money is the root of all evil. 

How would you feel if I told you the reason you're struggling with money, sitting with juuuust enough every month,  constantly ending up at $0 and starting over month after month, and why you feel like money is controlling everything you do is because of beliefs like the ones above?

Now, what if I told you you could choose different beliefs? The kind of beliefs and feelings about money that make you feel supported by money, abundant, free with options and choices? 

What would change if you let go of the story about lack and scarcity around money?

It's time to change the story. 

You have the ability to rewrite what you know and believe about money, COMPLETELY transformaing the way you experience it in your life. 

In this training I'm giving you two CRITICAL exercises that will allow you to change your money story for good

We'll be addressing beliefs like the ones I listed above as well as many more that you may be holding on to and learning how to change them. 

We will be addressing the TRUTH ABOUT MONEY and walking through the Universal Laws. 

As well as a few other of my favorite discussions around money that will allow you to break free from the constriction you're feeling and step into a more abundant & free relationship with money so you can attract what you want into your life.

2 Part Video Series


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Kelly Grignon
Kelly Grignon
Life Coach

About the instructor

Coach * Speaker * Teacher * Trainer * Wife * Mom of 2 

Life, mindset, money, sex, relationships, love, fitness, health... I've coached some really amazing people on #allthethings but here's the foundation of all of it:  YOUR TRUTH.    

That's what it always comes down to; YOU deserve to discover, understand and embrace your truth.