Have you noticed that some days you feel time draaaaaaagggggsssss ass all day long?

But then some days it goes so fast you get whiplash?

Most people feel there is not enough time.

Most feel that they’re "SO busy… there’s SO much to do… if only they had a couple more hours in a day!"

Me? I feel a little different about time.

Examples? Sure.

First example is when I was driving to Trenton from Monroe (25-30 minute drive) to teach PiYO twice a week. I could leave my house at 5:00pm or 5:15 or even 5:25 on a couple of occasions and I would ALWAYS end up pulling into the school parking lot at 5:45.

Second, when I do a Facebook live I set a creative constraint on myself - a time limit, if you will - and every single time I end with in a 5 minute window of the allotted length I set.

Third, if there is a specific time I need to be awake in the morning my alarm is just a backup precaution because every time I wake up within a 5 minute window the time I had said I needed to be up as I was closing my eyes the night before. (this is why when I was in Maui for 2 weeks I woke up at 5am every single day without an alarm and never felt any jet lag)

And for all you mom's out there: My mornings are no longer rushed and stressed to get everyone out the door on time for work and school. 

My afternoons and evenings with everyones activities are enjoyable and fun and we all end up in bed on time. (showers included sometimes)


These are the things that I'm covering in this program:
  • Why time management is sucking the life out of you as a woman
  • Why time can sometimes drag on sooo freaking slow and why other times it's super quick (and how to control that)
  • The 5 steps to MAKE time (not just squeeze more bullshit in - actually expand time for what you want and need)
  • Overcoming the doubts and fears that may pop up
  • Getting rid of your never ending to do list
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Taking the rush & stress out of your day

2 Part Video Series


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What others are saying....

“What I had talked to Kelly about last night [on the training call] was that I’ve been having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I said I think it’s because of the discomfort of the cast [from ankle reconstruction surgery] but I’m just not sure. But it’s also because I can’t turn my brain off, which usually is not a problem for me at least prior to the surgery.  

What I did last night was that I set the intention that I was going to fall asleep quickly & easily, stay asleep all night, and then wake up revived and refreshed.

I wanted to wake up at 5:40 because that’s when I try to get my son up. I usually just wake my husband up since I can’t put weight on my foot and he’s been amazing at helping me at that.
I woke up at 5:35.  AFTER my 3.5 year old got up and came into our bed at 3:30.  

5:35 I got up, went to the bathroom and I was able to just get to my alarm by 5:40 to swipe it and wake my husband up.

I ended up feeling awake but I wanted to sleep some more. So I set the intention [again] that I wanted to sleep til 7:30.  

Low and behold, that’s what happened! and I felt wonderful. I did my miracle morning savers. I haven’t done all of them all at once in a long time. This was monumental for me!”

Kelly Grignon
Kelly Grignon
Life Coach

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Coach * Speaker * Teacher * Trainer * Wife * Mom of 2 

Life, mindset, money, sex, relationships, love, fitness, health... I've coached some really amazing people on #allthethings but here's the foundation of all of it:  YOUR TRUTH.    

That's what it always comes down to; YOU deserve to discover, understand and embrace your truth.